GoMotion Automated Systems = bad news. Buyer Beware.

Saint Catharines, Ontario 1 comment
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GoMotion Automated Systems.

c/o Louis Gorgenyi

530 Spruce Needle Court

Oakville, ON

L6H 7L2

Would not recommend to anyone. Very poor results. Gives impression of competence but far from it. Poor service, very poor product, buyer beware!

Found out about this very small company through word of mouth. Apparently has had experience with Husky Energy Inc. in Canada. However, our experience has been poor. Gorgenyi leaves the impression of competence but it is a false aura. Ongoing problems have been reported. Have heard similar experience with others in our industry after the fact when it was too late to go back. Would not recommend GoMotion to anyone.

Review about: Custom Automation.



Agree with this user's review. Stay away from GoMotion.

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